Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Prayer about bubblegum

Lord, thank you for giving me friends and people in my life. You know, sometimes I'm not the nicest to them; forgive me of that. Help me to think wwjd.

Sometimes I get discouraged because others don't treat me the way I'd like to be treated... I'm sure You know what that feels like! In these times, I feel as if I am a piece of bubblegum that someone is chewing up and spitting out. It seems as though they chew me all up, and stick me underneath some obscure bench, forgetting about me. And then I don't know what to do. I guess I can feed the flies.

Feeding the flies, at least I'm doing something. At least I'm serving my purpose right where I am put, huh? But, seriously, at least I'm not choking the birds like some pieces of gum.

Anyways, it's kinda hard to forgive that person that probably had good intentions, but left me under this bench to rot. Help me forgive them, even when they're not sorry. I know You know how to do this, 'cuz You did! On the cross, You forgave those people who were literally spitting on You! Ya, You know more than anybody what being hurt is. Hurt isn't even the word for what You went through!

So, Lord, help me forgive them. It's what You would do. And help me serve my purpose even when people shove me under the bench. 'Cuz even then, I can focus on the positive~ feeding the flies, not choking the birds. :)

Thanks! Thy will be done.

<3 In Jesus' precious name,

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