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Hi there ☺. My name is Cosette. I am fifteen years old, and I have a passion for Christ, blogging about Him, the Bible, blogging about it, my family, blogging about them, standing out, blogging about it, meeting new friends, blogging about it, maintaining my friendships, blogging about it, photography, chocolate, and pizza. And did I mention that I love blogging?!? I also love creating jewelry from wire and beads and praising God through music. (I play saxophone, piano, and a little harmonica, and try to sing ☺.) I am homeschooled, and in tenth grade. I love playing volleyball and running, even though I don't do those on a sports team. I also love to minister through puppetry. (I have six puppet friends.) I am the founder of Radiant Girls of God, a girls' group ministry. Above all, I want to glorify God.


     All through elementary school, I doubted my salvation. I thought that since I grew up always hearing the Gospel, I must've gotten saved one time or another. At that point, I didn't quite get the point that salvation is about Jesus wanting me to spend eternity with Him because He loves me.
     In 5th grade, my Christian school teacher was teaching us about Jesus' crucifixon and resurrection, and she started crying. Not just crying, but getting really emotional. I had never heard it so vividly and passionately, and it was this that brought me to the Lord. I found true joy and peace after I accepted His love gift.
     If you have never accepted this love gift, please do so now. The page How YOU can go to HEAVEN! will tell you how.


     I was baptized Easter 2012, and for a while I have not been ashamed of my testimony, even though I pretended all those years. If you have a complicated testimony-maybe you pretended for a while or just lied about it- don't be ashamed of it.


Cosette Rose.
a sinner saved by grace.
a child of the almighty Creator.
+  a treasure seeker. significant.  +
+    unique. future wife. friend.    +
+         a princess of heaven.        +
+             chosen by God.          +
dau         complete in Christ.              dog
ght        eldest   of   13   cousins.       own
er          author   of    Be   Radiant.         er
+        puppeteer. blogger. musician.       +
+        rejoicer in hope. praying girl.         +
+           --patient. (or trying to be)--            +
+          God lover. chocolate liker.          +
a truster in God's provision of what I need, including grace and guidance.

guess what?!? I also blog on Meditations of His love Daily (see here) and Radiant Girls of God (see here).

You can contact me at medaho831@gmail.com. I love emails! ☺

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