Friday, January 4, 2013

Prayer... Live It!

I was praying the other day... and I was being very frank with God. I told Him that I know how people say that prayer is supposed to change my life. But I wasn't seeing a change. I was falling back on my prayer life because it didn't seem to be changing my life. I would try to set aside a time every day to do it, but something would always get in the way. I was discouraged. Since last year I dedicated the next few years of my life to bettering my prayer life, this specific night {the first night of 2013} I was determined to get rid of bad habits and establish new, good habits. I decided that I would just have to deal with kneeling in my bedroom and reading that list up to God. Then, I thought, I might become this amazing spiritual person with beautiful prayers.


It almost seemed like God whispered in my heart, "Cosette, you don't get it!"

I interrupted. "Of course I don't get it! This prayer thing is supposed to change my life, right? Well, apparently I don't get it, because it's not!"

Patiently, He seemed to respond, "Cosette, prayer isn't just throwing words up at me. Prayer isn't all about you; you're praying for all those people on your list. You've got to live out that prayer!"

"yeah, I know, I've heard that before."

"But you don't get it."

"wait, what did you say again?"

"You have to live it."

"oh." "oh." "oh."

So this was it! Prayer isn't about me, although it affects me. I must live my prayer, affecting others! While I get down on my knees and pray for my family relationships to improve, I must live that prayer by willingness to put my part in. While I pray for my friend to be encouraged, I must live that prayer by encouraging them. Now,. I feel refreshed and ready to take this challenge head on- through the power of Christ!

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