Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Trust Me

Have you ever played the game, "Trust Me"? I have. It's when a friend comes up behind you, holds out her arms and commands, "Trust Me!" You are to blindly fall back into her arms, trusting that she has the strength to catch you, and doesn't back away. The "catch" (hahaha) is that your friend is standing just so that by the time you're either caught or doomed, you have absolutely no control over your body; gravity does.

The lesson I learned Sunday is that we are to trust God. So often we say, trust, without even really thinking about all the wild aspects of the action that t-r-u-s-t represents. So let's take a look.

According to wikipedia, trust involves the following:

"One party (trustor) is willing to rely on the actions of another party (trustee); the situation is directed to the future. In addition, the trustor (voluntarily or forcedly) abandons control over the actions performed by the trustee. As a consequence, the trustor is uncertain about the outcome of the other's actions; he can only develop and evaluate expectations. The uncertainty involves the risk of failure or harm to the trustor if the trustee will not behave as desired."

Let's examine this. Of course, this definition is geared toward a human trusting another human, so some things are different, for we are trusting our Creator.

  • First, the trustor is willing.

Willing to do what? Rely on the trustee. Remember, we are the trustor, and God is the trustee. We must rely completely on our Trustee. Right now I am reading a biography on Hudson Taylor. He literally put himself in the middle of helplessness, because he couldn't wait to see what God did next! At on epoint, He needed money for necessary preparation for his missions. He received two offers to pay for this preparation: from his father and the Chinese Evangelization Society. Yet he didn't receive either! Instead, he relied on God to provide his needs.

But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches 

in glory by Christ Jesus.

~Philippians 4:19

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not unto

thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, 

and He shall direct thy path.

~ Proverbs 3:5-6

These verses brings us to the next points:

  • Our situation is directed to the future.
Now, we can trust God at the moment also, right? Yes, we can, but trust in God is not to be a last resort. We are not to say, "Well, now that I am about to ruin it all anyway, let's try God." No, we are to trust God as a priority.

  • Next, trust involves voluntarily abandoning control, or surrendering.
We do not have control over our lives. Our Creator does. And He invites us to trust Him to supply our needs. So. You have two options:

  1. Attempt to steer your life in the way you will it, although you don't know exactly what will happen in the next three seconds, or
  2. Surrender the steering wheel of your life to the will of the One who does know what will happen every split second of eternity future.

  • The next part of the wikipedia definition does not apply to our trust in God, because God promises that He will supply, and God doesn't lie.

Think about that for a sec. God promises, and He doesn't lie! What an amazing thought! We already know that He will steer us in the right way, yet many times we take the wheel anyway, even though we haven't even taken driver's ed!

So far we see that there is much involved in trust, but wait, there's more!

With our application  of driving comes yet another area for trust and surrender- the gas peddle!

We cannot be controlling how fast we are moving in our lives. For example, if you didn't know much, you wouldn't know to slow down on sharp corners and would probably end up falling off a cliff! But God knows, and He knows the whole road ahead! God's timing is perfect, my friend!

I have previously posted about forks in the road of life. As a matter of fact, these two posts parallel alot. To read this post, click here.

You see, trust represents a very complex surrender-type action/comfort. Is God commanding "Trust Me" right now? You may be going through a trial, or maybe not. Either way, are you ready to fall back into the arms of God, whom you know will catch you? Friend, I am praying for you, that you would trust God!


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