Monday, October 15, 2012

God's will, God's way

I can't count how many times this saying has popped up in God's lessons for me! It started appearing the summer after I got saved, and it has reappeared every year at Bible camp, in my personal devotions, and in sermons that I've listened to. So, what does it mean? Well, It's certainly not something we have to go into an enormous philosophical explanation on what each little word means. No, it's as simple as it appears:


Simple meaning, but maybe a not-so-simple action process. Maybe even a painful process of learning through experience.


It really is a simple concept. But we tend to complicate things due to our sinful nature. For example, take Eve. She was tempted to do things in her will, her way. We all know the story. Did things work out too well? Did she succeed in receiving the best results by doing it her will, her way? Nope. But I think she learned her lesson by the time Cain and Abel were born. An example of this mistake today may go like this: ignoring God's calling and purpose for your life and doing what you think is best instead. I can assure you it won't even be comparable to what God has in store for you, doing His will, His way.

Another method we often attempt is doing things God's will, our way. Look back at the story of Jeroboam. It was God's will for people to worship Him, but God's way was through the priests of the tribe of Levi.
However, Jeroboam's way was through whoever wanted to do it. Jeroboam's sin is mentioned so many times throughout the Old Testament, reminding us of the importance of doing things God's way.

(In case you're wondering, I don't think there's a loophole for your will, God's way. God's way is only through His will.)

I think you'll agree with me that it is quite hard to fight against the Holy Spirit. At least, the bitter taste of fighting Him is much worse compared to the bliss of surrender. When we take our way, we fight God's way; but when we take God's way, we surrender our way.

Take the phrase "God's will, God's way" with you, but I have another simple concept phrase for you to grasp:


In other words, SURRENDER! Really, it's the second most important decision of your life. (Next only to salvation.) And it's simple, but not-so-simple to do. DO IT ANYWAY. Because it pleases God. Because He commands it. Because it's also worth it.

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