Saturday, April 13, 2013



It was was 2 in the *morning.* getting ready for a wonderful conference (that was four-five hours away). It was going great. Until then. ;)

I stepped directly onto a piece of jewelry wire sticking straight up from my carpet. It hurt! my foot started bleeding (yuck) and I was very frustrated. I could barely walk.

My mom told me to clean it out. ouch. that hurts too.

Then I put a band-aid over it. That didn't hurt so much, and it was much easier for me to walk, so I went downstairs to complete my preparation for the day.

I walk into my room. What's the first thing I see? My Bible, lying on my bed.

Cosette, I let that happen on purpose. Do you get what I'm trying to teach you?

     Yeah, I've learned to work on jewelry over a table over tile floor!

That's not exactly the point.
      Point taken.

When I say "point taken," it was. I believe that God's purpose was to remind me of the prophecy that says that Satan will bruise the heel of the seed of Eve, but that her Seed would crush his head. I sit here writing this post while my foot is doing that weird throbbing thingy, and I am reminded of what happened leading up to that point.

The night before, a situation had come up that I blamed myself for. I was super discouraged, but it was one of those things that I entertained in my mind that wasn't true and it certainly wasn't healthy! I even came to the point of tears, believing that lie. The next morning, a little wire in my foot straightened me out. I could now look back and see that I had let Satan bruise my heel through those thoughts, but then, recognizing my failure, I turned it to Christ, who overcame the situation and crushed the head of the enemy.

I mean, it wasn't as easy as it sounds. Nothing really ever is. Those negative thoughts really hurt badly, and taking them out kinda hurt too. Then I had to clean my mind of those thoughts. Here comes the hydrogen peroxide ;) . It stung. But it had to be done, or else I would get an infection and those thoughts would keep penetrating my mind, further and further. But it didn't end there. I put a bandaid over it. You see, the only bandaid that works for sin is the blood of Christ. He covered that wound with his blood, love, and grace, and when you look at that wound, that's what you see. The bandaid. The bandaid also provides padding so that I can get up and keep moving.

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So, take this little illustration to heart. :)

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Micaela said...

Aww, Cosette, I didn't know you got hurt :(

But hey, God can use anything to get our attention and teach us important lessons. So glad you listened to His voice!

And it was SO good to see you at the conference today...I miss you already!! <3 <3