Monday, December 24, 2012

The Twelfth Day of Christmas

A knock on my door tells me it's time to wake up.
I scurry upstairs with my brother, hoping he'll like my gift.
We each grab a Reese's peanut butter cup from the days til Christmas chart.
We wake our parents up.
We sit down around the Christmas tree.
There's not much under there; we already got our gift-the trampoline.
My Dad cracks open his Bible.
We read Luke 1:68-79,
then Luke 2.
We pray.
We start with the gifts.
Everything goes well, so far.

~And the day continues, following tradition. Soon we will be at my grandparents' house. Who knows what could happen??? :-)

All through this Christmas season,
I mostly thought I knew the reason.
Christ came to save us sinful men,
And so was born in Bethlehem.

Only something was different this Christmas;
There was that feeling deep in my heart,
That I was missing something.
Indeed I was.

It was just this past weekend,
When I realized where I had been
When I understood, I wished to break out in song!

For I understood this truth:
The story is not to be misused
As a long-ago tale
Or, by some, a humble fail.

No, Christ did not fail,
When He chose to be so frail.
After leaving His heavenly home,
He didn't even moan.

No, the reason He came
Was not to be born
But to die.
For you and I.

And He never failed,
For out of love He prevailed!
And He chose this way:
To change lives.

For He knew this whole plan
Before we began;
He knew what would happen
Before our ugly sin.

But the point of the story
Is that we are not lonely!
For He loved us so,
To the cross we need not go.

I am understanding love
Not a lot,
But a little.
And it's so hard to put into words.

If you've experienced it,
You know what I say;
If you've not,
For your knowledge I pray.

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