Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Sixth Day of Christmas: The Angel

I am sure that you have been listening to the radio or reading blog posts about the Christmas angel, Gabriel. Today, I'd like to put a perspective on it. It may not be what you expect, but we'll see how it comes out :)

So, last night, my mom was really stressed out, and she exclaimed, "I need an angel!"

Well, I thought about that for a few minutes. What did angels do in the Bible? Some of them fought the spiritual battles, some of them brought good news to people, they praise God, and some set people free from prison. You know, angels interest me ALOT. I'd like to learn alot more about them; that's one of my goals for 2013. However, with my primitive knowledge of angels, something struck my heart when my mom said that she needed an angel.

I felt like maybe I could do something.

And, maybe, I can. I mean, I can't transform into an angel, but I can attain some characteristics of them. Yes, God made angels and humans for different purposes, but I think we might share some similarities.

I already listed some of what angels do, and I think that's where the similarities begin. We are told to praise God, encourage others, fight the spiritual battle, and bring good new to people! My point is,

maybe we can act like angels for those who need it.

Christmas isn't about us, it's about Christ. He calls us to love others as He loved us.

Why not spread the love of Christ this Christmas?

Even if we are not angels, I think that God wants us to do some of the same things. Here's a list of activities we can do to spread the love.

  • Pass out gospel tracts.
  • Go to a nursing home or care facility and spread the news.
  • Read the Christmas story to someone, on a day other than your traditional day.
  • Bake some cookies for someone you don't talk to or see often, and include a note or gospel tract.
  • Make a card for someone you don't talk to or see often; maybe even a cashier!
  • Tell your family that you love them. Then make sure to follow that up with acts of love.
  • Write down your "worst enemy." Give them a homemade card and maybe some cookies, pray for them, and follow up for the rest of 2013.
  • Pray with someone who is hurting.

These are just a few activities that we can complete together, and carry on through 2013. In 2013, I will posting about angels and their similarities and more activities. We will call this the "Angel Project." It is one of my resolutions for the new year, and I hope it will be one of yours, too!

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