Sunday, October 7, 2012

My Love Story

      I wasn't a princess yet, but I pretended to be one. Being a princess would have made me look pretty, and I figured people would like me better. I really never thought I would become an authentic princess, but it was fun to put on the big gowns and pretend that one day Prince Charming would come fall in love with me. However, I would soon be surprised at the upcoming reality of my pretending.
     While I was pretending, I found myself alone in despair; I had longings from my heart that nothing seemed to fill. I longed for one to talk to who would not be annoyed with me and would truly understand me, and I longed for somebody to treat me special. Of course, I tried to find “happiness,” but it was temporary and false. To find happiness, I attempted to be a “great” person that everybody loved, and I attempted to impress people to receive praise and feel special. Although my parents and friends loved me, I still had a hole in my heart that their love did not fill.
     One day while I was pretending, I received a letter inviting me to stay at the King's palace, and become one of His adopted daughters! I almost took it as a joke played by my friends until I realized that the messenger who brought the letter was one of the King's renowned messengers. Shocked, I accepted the invitation to become a princess, and began daydreaming of a future prince that would fall in love with me. Again, my playful wish turned into serious reality. The Prince offered for me to take His hand; I excitedly accepted the offer, and I fell in love with Him immediately. Also, I understood that He had already demonstrated His love for me a while ago. He did not need to learn more about me, for He already knew everything about me, but as I started to know Him more, everything seemed to change. Despair turned into hope, and my Prince fulfilled all my previous longings: He always listened to me, understood me, treated me with special love, and was never annoyed with me (however, He didn't like some of my actions.).
     Now, I am overwhelmed with true joy and I am deeply, sincerely “in love” with my Prince. The highlights of my days are the times I talk to Him, and He talks to me. I do not have to feel insecure saying “I love you” to Him, because He says “I love you” right back. Also, my Love has written a love letter to me, and it is my prized possession. I read it everyday, and every page tells me He loves me. He demonstrates His love for me every day by forgiving me of things I have done that hurt him. His demonstration of dying for me two thousand years ago still reminds me of His love, and His resurrection proves to me that He is exactly who I have been longing for.
     If there were one thing or person I appreciate most in my life, He is my Prince. He has chosen me, and He loves me eternally. There is nothing I can do to pay Him back, but I get to spend an eternity with Him! Honestly, this is the best love story, because I can truly say that my Love and I will live “happily ever after.”

~Cosette <3


Cosette said...

Let your true love story radiate through your love to others!

Micaela Wood said...

Sweet, sweet Cosette, I got about half way through this post before I started crying. I am so glad that you have fallen in love with your true Prince Charming. Never lose that love. There may be days when it seems easy to let that precious love for the Prince of Peace slide right out of your mind and heart. If that temptation ever comes, "turn your eyes upon Jesus, look full in His wonderful face." Cling to Him even more. You'll find your love for Him grow more than you could imagine!

Miss you so much <3

Micaela :)

Cosette said...

Miss you too! Thanks for the encouragement!