Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Conducting trains

      Today in Bible class, my mom was reviewing what we learned about misconduct in the home. As soon as she mentioned it, God reminded me of a conductor of a train, and I began analyzing conducting a train and comparing it to our lives.

     Each one of us has a train. The train represents our life. First, we must get our trains on the track system; this is represented by salvation.

      Now, we must begin conducting the train, as only we are the conductors of each train.
YOUR hat!
As we conduct, we must remember to make the right choices, down to the most inconspicuous steps. Also, there are people aboard our train; every decision we make affects those people!
     What happens when a train veers off the train-tracks? We all know the answer: a train wreck occurs! While we cannot veer off the train system of salvation, we can veer off the train-tracks of righteousness. I am sure you do not want your life to look like this to the outside observer:

     Guess what else? There are other train conductors watching and learning from how you conduct your train... 
How's your conducting?

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